Tom Tailor


This fall/winter season starts with a positive outlook on life. What with everyday worries, daily news and global changes it’s more important than ever to face the world with a genuine smile. TOM TAILOR SAYS YES. YES TO BEING HAPPY AND BOLD.

The new TOM TAILOR collections set stylish tones in celebration of an emotional turnaround. With an optimistic attitude and the right outfit from the TOM TAILOR fall/winter collections, the world instantly appears much more colorful. Everything revolves around bold fashion statements and modern DIY elements. This season, we’re opting for more color, more adventure and more character. It’s important to confront life with more ease and above all, united. TOM TAILOR brings people together, in order to create shared, happy moments. Let’s jointly take a risk, without losing our individual style. Are you ready to challenge your own comfort zone? SAY YES. This coming season, we’re wearing caban jackets with contrasting jeans and coarse knitwear. We’re wearing bomber jackets in rich bordeaux red and trendy camouflage puffer jackets with black jeans. She says yes to urban sweatpants with sporty, white stripes down the side, a red sweater with toweling appliqué and matching white sneakers. He says yes to an olive parka, comfortable woolen pullover and faded jeans with a sturdy belt. Are you ready to reinterpret yourself? SAY YES.





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