The name Schlossberg of Switzerland stands for exclusive bed linen made from the finest materials, exquisite designs and quality workmanship. All the designs are created by our designers and carefully painted by hand. In addition to the hand-drawn satin bed linen, the Schlossberg portfolio ranges from fantastically smooth towels and cuddly-soft, colorful cashmere plaids to a selection of fragrances that conjure up an ethereal atmosphere in your home. At Fashion Fish you will find an extensive range at super prices: Accessories: Satin Noblesse and Jersey Royal, Various fitted sheets in two qualities, Towels, bathrobes, beach towels, Accessories for the bathroom, Decorative pillows, covers and plaid, Bedding products.

Brands: Billerbeck, Bonjour, Schlossberg, Zimmerli

Phone: +41 62 849 64 75