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Boxeur Des Rues®

Boxeur Des Rues® brand in the Streetwear world, has a transversal audience with a large collection of casual products designed for men, women and kids: from jeans to jackets, from sweatshirts to shoes, from t-shirts to swimsuits. Discover now our new stor

Those who face life's challenges with passion and resilience, overcoming obstacles and limitations imposed by society, are courageous and visionary people who want to prove it: That's why they wear Boxeur Des Rues.
Because #AlwaysBeyond is not only our claim, but the essence of Boxeur Des Rues, suitable for all those who want to rise above themselves. But don't trust us. Trust the style and quality of Boxeur Des Rues clothing, designed as a powerful tool for your personal expression.
Are you ready to put on your strength?


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